As dental professionals, we understand that keeping your teeth white and healthy is an investment that takes a lot—from diligent oral hygiene at home to regular visits to our Minneapolis family dentistry offices. However, the work doesn’t stop there. According to Colgate, there are certain foods and drinks that create teeth discoloration or staining. If you want to protect your teeth from staining, learn about these foods and beverages and how they can affect your smile today.

Pasta Sauce

You might think twice about cooking lasagna or spaghetti for tonight’s dinner. Not only does tomato sauce have acidic properties, it is generally a bright red color, which can negatively affect the color of your teeth in the long-term. If you are going to eat something heavy in tomato sauce, give your teeth a chance by prepping them with a green appetizer, such as a salad, steamed broccoli, brussel sprouts, or whatever your favorite green vegetable may be. These vegetables create a protective layer around your teeth that makes them less vulnerable to what comes next.


If you’re a huge fan of Thai or Indian food, chances are you also love curry. Because of curry’s deep, rich colors, like yellow, orange and red, your teeth are at constant risk for staining. So, if you are going to eat curry, dilute it a bit with more rice, green vegetables, etc.

Balsamic Vinegar

Because of its natural dark hue and sticky consistency, balsamic vinegar can leave your teeth with a dark film. Adding more crunchy green vegetables and less balsamic vinegar to your salads will reduce the dressing from sticking to your teeth and causing discoloration.

Dark Berries

No matter if you’re eating fresh berries, drinking them in a concentrated fruit juice, or enjoying them as a jam on toast, dark hued berries can lead to teeth discoloration. We’re not suggesting you skip out on berries altogether as they are very healthy for you, but be sure to drink water or milk to wash away any residue afterward. Also, try a yummy alternative such as a fruit smoothie that won’t introduce such strong dyes into your mouth’s ecosystem.

How to Prevent Teeth Staining

Certain Beverages

Lastly, various beverages including coffee, soda, energy drinks, wine, and tea can all cause teeth staining along with damage to your enamel. It’s both the acidic traits and colors of these beverages that pose a double threat to your dental health. Since most people drink some assortment of these beverages on a regular basis, your family dentists recommend monitoring your intake, as moderation is key, and drinking plenty of water side-by-side with the previously mentioned beverage types.

Call Your Minneapolis Family Dentist

Our family dentist office is more than happy to help you find additional ways to keep your teeth looking beautiful beyond watching your intake of certain foods and beverages. We have years of experience working with patients of all ages. Feel free to  contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you in our dental office and helping your find the perfect oral health treatment plan.