Advanced Dental Crown Work

Dr. Schold and Dr. Smars are highly skilled in dental restorations using crowns. Their training and expertise allows Bluff Creek Dental to use dental crowns to strengthen damaged teeth, allowing them to function normally again.

Benefits of Dental Crowns With Bluff Creek

  • Better functioning teeth
  • Less risk of infection than unrepaired teeth
  • Less food temperature sensitivity
  • A natural look with a functional upgrade

Think of a dental crown as a “cap” that fits over a damaged, decayed or otherwise unattractive tooth or teeth.

Unlike veneers, which are used to only cover the front surface of teeth, a crown completely covers a tooth above the gum line. If you are missing a significant amount of structure above the gum line, a crown could be the restoration of choice.

Aside from improving upon your tooth’s original function and appearance to enhance the look of your smile, when Dr. Schold or Dr. Smars use a crown to complete your dental treatment, your finished restoration will be virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your natural teeth.

What to Expect When You Need a Crown?

Crowning or capping a tooth usually take two visits. During your first visit, your existing tooth will be prepared so it is ready to receive your crown.

To prepare your existing tooth for a crown, Dr. Schold or Dr. Smars will shape your tooth so it will fit inside the new covering. This process makes the tooth uniform and seamless. If there is very little tooth structure left, we will shape the area with filling material in order to support your new dental crown. The process is typically painless, as the surrounding area will be numb before treatment begins. After your tooth has been prepped, our staff will take impressions of your teeth and send them to our dental laboratory. Your impressions will be used to create a crown that matches your smile, and function with your bite. Finally, Dr. Schold or Dr. Smars will attach a temporary crown to protect your tooth until your permanent restoration is ready.

At the second visit, we will remove your temporary crown and permanently cement your new crown into place.

Caring For Your New Crown

Once complete, caring for your crown as you do your natural teeth. Brush and floss regularly to reduce the buildup of plaque, and schedule regular dental checkups.

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Watch to learn about how crowns are placed on teeth.