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At Bluff Creek Dental, we use top of the line lasers to treat gum disease and kill harmful bacteria deep below the gum line. Our lasers are skillfully used in gum surgeries to remove bad tissue without harming the healthy tissue.

Inspecting gum tissue with toolsOur lasers are proven to help detect and treat oral diseases. We use them in our office to treat gum disease, detect cancer, and to help us pinpoint tooth decay in its earliest stages.

Using our lasers, we can precisely remove tissue, seal painful ulcerations like canker sores, and even treat small cavities.

How Does Laser Gum Surgery Work?

Our lasers help us locate calculus beneath the surface of the gums, and can even aid in the detection of oral cancer in its early stages, accurately showing us where healthy tissue ends and diseased tissue begins.

During laser gum surgery, we use a laser to access and remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. When infected tissue is removed and the root is exposed, we are able to begin the process of root scaling.

Root scaling involves scraping the calculus and plaque built up below the gum line and around the root. During root scaling, any rough spots that may cause future infections are fixed. Once complete, the area between the gum and the root are allowed to regenerate, leaving only heathy tissue.

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