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Our view of dentistry is to utilize all avenues to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function properly, and look great. Our treatments can improve your confidence by taking away feelings of self-consciousness.

With our advanced services at Bluff Creek Dental in Chanhassen, serving the Minneapolis area, your smile can be cosmetically enhanced in a variety of ways.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services

Keeping your teeth healthy is obviously the number one concern for most people when going to the dentist, however, it’s perfectly natural to want to look good too! At Bluff Creek Dental in Chanhassen, we serve the greater Minneapolis area with some of the best dental care, not only to make sure your teeth survive as long as you do, but to help you look your best as well. We know how much of a burden it can feel like to have “bad” teeth, and we’ll help you reclaim the confidence to smile. Here are a few of our dental procedures that can have a big impact on the look of your teeth:

Periodontal Cleanings

Periodontal cleanings are a dental cleaning procedure that is more for your health than cosmetic purposes, but the impacts of the cleaning will be readily apparent in the look of your teeth. Due to their very nature, periodontal cleanings and therapy will help eliminate years of built up plaque on your teeth, helping to make them whiter and more defined.

Teeth Whitening 

If you really want to take your new smile all the way after a periodontal cleaning or regular teeth cleaning and check up, then a session of teeth whitening may be what you need. As much of a difference as teeth cleanings and periodontal cleaning can make, they alone can’t eliminate all staining. If you want a significantly whiter smile fast, then our teeth whitening procedure will provide it. The process takes little time and won’t harm the enamel on your teeth!


Straightening your teeth used to be such an expensive and tiresome process, that it was common to skip straightening altogether. However, with dental technology coming so far, we can now make the teeth straightening process less noticeable than ever. The look of braces doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying better teeth for the rest of your life. Get invisalign with Bluff Creek and you’ll start to see straighter teeth in a matter of weeks.

Veneers and White Fillings

As with periodontal cleanings, there is some overlap with the cosmetic and health benefits of veneers and white fillings. White fillings, as with any other filling, help keep the cavities in your teeth from getting worse, but they’ll also provide a white, seamless surface so people don’t see your cavity or the filling afterward. With veneers, you get some improved structural quality and shape, which can improve day-to-day functioning for some, but the main benefit is the appearance of whiter and straighter teeth.

Makeover Your Smile With Bluff Creek Dental

We are living in an exciting era. With our uniquely experienced, accredited, and award-winning level of dental care, we are able to provide cosmetic cosmetic restorations, smile makeovers, and enhancements that truly change lives.

If there is an aspect of your smile you are not happy with, there are so many possibilities for change. Contact Bluff Creek dental today to learn about all of them!