Eliminate Risks For Better Oral Health

Cavities are fairly common. More than 75% of people get one by the age of 17. If+ you think you might have a cavity, you’ll likely get to experience one of our most common dental treatments as we repair it using a dental filling.

Benefits of Dental Implants With Bluff Creek

  • A natural looking tooth replacement
  • Better teeth functioning
  • Structural reinforcement for surrounding area
  • Restored confidence in using your smile and your teeth

A cavity is a small hole that develops in a tooth. A cavity is caused by decay from bacteria and is one of the most common dental problems we run across.  Using a dental fillings, we can repair a cavity and stop the tooth from further decay. When Dr. Schold and Dr. Smars fix a cavity using a dental filling, they can prevent further damage to the inner tissues of the tooth and restoring the look and function of the tooth.

If you have a cavity, it is important to get a filling. Without it, decay will eventually progress to your sensitive pulp at the center of the tooth, and require a root canal.

How We Fix Cavities

Before fixing your cavity, we will take an x-ray of your tooth. We will then numb the tooth and remove the decay and clean any remaining bacteria. Once your tooth is free of decay, we will apply a translucent cement and fill the cavity. At the end of the procedure, your tooth will be as strong as ever. With our tooth colored fillings, your filling will look exactly like the rest of your smile.

After We Fix Your Cavity

After you get your dental filling, your mouth may still be numb from the anesthesia for awhile. Avoid drinking liquids that are too hot or too cold, and chew with the side of your mouth opposite to the new filling until the numbness wears off.

It’s normal to experience some sensitivity to temperature for the first few weeks. If it continues for much longer than that, or you have pain when biting down, let us know, occasionally we may need to make a small adjustment.

Schedule Your Check-Up

Regular professional cleanings keep the possibility of cavities low. Reach out to us to schedule your appointment today and get started on preventative care for your oral health.

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