Nitrous OxideSome children experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.

In order to avoid any stress or worry and accomplish a positive dental experience, Bluff Creek Dental offers a form of conscious sedation called nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”.

A colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor, nitrous oxide has been used in medicine for over a century. It is a popular treatment in family dentistry practices because it is a safe and effective way of administering conscious sedation, which is when the patient remains awake, but is in a completely relaxed state. While under nitrous oxide, the patient will be able to speak, will be aware of what’s going on, and will remain in control of his or her functions. Dosages can be fine-tuned to the level of sedation necessary for the perfect combination of comfort and alertness. Treatment effects wear-off quickly afterwards.

Undergoing Nitrous Oxide Treatment

Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small mask that is comfortably fitted over your child’s nose. As it is being delivered, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen so that gas levels always remain safe. This treatment is fast-acting; after a few short minutes your child will begin to experience a floating sensation and some slight tingling in the hands and feet, signaling that the treatment is taking effect. Once our pediatric dentist verifies that your child is calm and comfortable, and that the nitrous oxide dosage is correct, she will begin the dental procedure. Afterwards, your child will likely not remember a thing.

Anxiolytic Treatment

It is important to clarify that nitrous oxide itself is not a substitute for a local anesthetic in children or adults. It is an anxiolytic (a type of treatment that makes anxiety disappear). In some cases a patient receiving nitrous oxide might also require an anesthetic injection. Even if your child needs a numbing shot, he or she will receive it while already under nitrous oxide sedation, so the injection will not cause any added alarm or anxiety.

Who Can Benefit from Nitrous Oxide?

Any child whose anxiety would otherwise prevent them from sitting calmly in the dentist’s chair can benefit from conscious sedation through nitrous oxide. Prior to beginning nitrous oxide treatment, we will collect your child’s complete medical history, including any medications your child is taking. This will ensure your child’s total comfort and safety.

A Calmer Dental Visit

We want your child’s visit to his or her pediatric dentist to be an enjoyable experience. Our staff and trusted dentist will always go the extra mile to help your child have a calm and relaxed appointment. We cater to children all over the Chanhassen, MN area. To schedule your next visit, please contact us today.